Rom Perera, CFP I’m a Certified Financial Planner that specialises in Investments, Taxation and Estate Planning.

I help clients grow their super while diversifying their portfolio, manage the taxation better and help pass the assets to the next generation in a tax effective way.

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    Making your finances simple and easy.

    I use my years of experience and knowledge to help you achieve your financial goals. Please see below the full range of services that I can offer you.
    My Philosophy

    Helping people is what I love to do and forms one of my core values. I believe the purpose for living is not just living it but finding the courage to live it for a reason. WHY I have chosen to do WHAT I do for my vacation is because I love helping people to pursue what’s important to them and not be restricted by their finances thinking how much they should have or how much they should earn to live. By using my extensive experience in financial planning, finance, banking, accounting and legal services, I wish to HELP people by understanding and being empathetic towards what’s important to them and their reason for living. These reasons form the foundation to the step-by-step professional and strategic financial plan which is easy to follow and workable.

    Here’s a list of my areas of expertise:
    • Life-long advice or to meet a specific goal.
    • Invest in a holistic tax effective manner
    • Growing your super while diversify your assets
    • Pass your assets to the next generation in a tax effective way
    • Manage your tax deductions and tax bill better
    • Protect your assets and loved ones financially
    • Help saving for a house and need to put the right strategies in place
    • Reduce debt and your repayments
    • Get any government assistance you’re entitled to
    • Make the most of your money and feel more in control of your finances and your life.
    • Avoid expensive mistakes or bounce off ideas

    We live in a complex and regulated financial environment. In order to understand the finance industry, I have obtained a Masters Degree in Banking and Finance from Monash University, the Certified Financial Planning (CFP), Advance Diploma in Business Administration and Diploma in Financial Services. Additionally, I have obtained specialised qualifications to provide advice in Investments, Self-Managed Super(SMSF) and Debt.


    HowIt Works

    I work closely with you to determine your needs and then propose a solution that is specifically tailored to your requirements.
    1. Initial Conversation

    1. Initial Conversation

    Firstly, we will have a frank discussion around your current circumstances and what you wish to achieve.

    2. Identify Requirements

    2. Identify Requirements

    Based on this conversation, we will agree upon areas I’m able to assist, the timelines (if any) and the cost involved. To formulate this agreement, you will be required to accept the terms of engagement.

    3. Develop Strategies

    3. Develop Strategies

    Once the terms are accepted, I’ll formulate the strategies and products required to achieve your goal. This will be documented in an advice document as part of my professional obligations.

    4. Implementation

    4. Implementation

    Upon agreement of my recommendations, we will implement the strategies. This could include setting up structures, moving the funds into the structures, buying or selling investments, establishing a Will and Power of Attorney, consolidating Super, setting up new insurances policies etc.

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